Condensed Organic Chemistry Help DVD with Digital Download option- Organic Chemistry Study DVD with Complete Course Review Videos – by AceOrganicChem


No DVD drive necessary. Contact us for a free digital download with purchase. Works with all computers and operating systems.

Take the Pain out of Studying Organic Chemistry – Organic Chemistry Help gives you 12 hours video of organic chemistry review, 400 flashcards and a 2 hour mini-course. You get a complete organic chemistry course that’s understandable and easy to use.

Don’t Waste Time Studying Wrong – We only use teaching methods with a track record of getting the best results for students like you. We use video flashcards to help you learn. Our video flashcards work like an organic chemistry solution manual: You can hit pause, figure out your response, then play the right answer. Our research (and feedback from students) tells us this is the best way to study organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry Reactions and Mechanisms Made Simple – A 2 hour mini-course “How to Ace Organic Chemistry Reactions and Mechanisms with EASE” helps you solve organic chemistry problems. This course gives you a simple, 4 step method that makes it easy to deal with difficult new problems in organic chemistry synthesis.

Study Smart & Save Time – We break the entire Organic Chemistry I & II course down into 14 understandable modules. We make it easy for you to learn what you really need.