Complete Relaxation (Diviniti) (Divinity)


Overcome stress and anxiety with this superb, high quality hypnosis relaxation CD by Glenn Harrold. Stress and anxiety related illness are at an all time high, so learning stress management techniques to relax is crucial for your mental and physical health and well being. Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in solving anxiety problems and aiding relaxation in a safe and natural way, free of any harmful side effects. Complete relaxation is our best selling title and it has been at number 1 in the UK’s best selling self-help audio charts for the last 5 years – See chart. The relaxation tape and CD both feature two 27 minute clinical hypnotherapy stress relief sessions containing: Relaxing introduction music, followed by a pleasant voice guiding the listener into a deeply relaxed state of mind & body. You can relax as the hypnotic echoed background vocals pan from left to right across the stereo range – a deeply soothing and unique effect. You will also hear 60 beats per minute digital sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions – all compounding the overall effect. Complete relaxation will guide the listener into a wonderful deep state of complete mental and physical relaxation every time. You will also learn valuable techniques to help you combat stress and anxiousness and to remain more relaxed in your daily life.