Coloring Book for Adults – Blossoms & Butterflies Mandalas – Includes 12 Staedtler Colored Pencils


Can’t seem to unwind from a stressful day at the office? Long-term stress and anxiety have a lasting impact on both your health and mental clarity when left untreated. Art therapy helps rid you of unwanted stress and anxiety quickly and easily by allowing you to express your frustration in a fun and colorful new way. The Blossoms & Butterflies Mandala Coloring Book set gives you all of the tools you need to transfer those pent-up worries onto paper. This adult coloring book contains 50 coloring pages that have images on each side to provide you with a total of 100 anxiety-reducing activities. The set includes 12 Bonus Staedtler watercolor colored pencils in assorted colors so you are ready to start relaxing as soon as it arrives! By wetting the tips of these unique colored pencils, you can create a stroke similar to that of a watercolor paint set. The ornate designs in the book will leave you in awe and get you inspired. The Blossoms and Butterflies theme contains exotic animals, birds, butterflies, flowers and beautiful landscapes. The book itself is splashed with sleek black and white designs making it a unique and upscale special occasion gift for the loved ones in your life who could use some added relaxation. Escape Everyday Boredom and Get Away! These coloring pages that are just waiting to be livened up with some color! Coloring is an activity that is fun and relaxing for all ages. Perfect for Older Children, Teens, and Grown-ups alike. The coloring pages in this book are more advanced providing you with stimulation through entertaining challenges. Disconnect from electronics and take some much-needed “Me” time by adding a little color to your world!