Cards for Calm. A Therapy Tool Using CBT to Combat Anxiety and Negative Thinking


Cards for Calm. Play Mindfully.

We all have anxiety. Cards for Calm helps you create new ways of dealing with stressful situations and finding more opportunities for happiness in your day.

This therapy tool helps discourage negative thinking through the use of mindfulness, visualization techniques and creative thinking. To be played alone or with friends, Cards for Calm will help you create spaces in your day to focus on what really matters to you, to find new ways to deal with anxiety and create structures to pursue your goals.

The deck contains 24 Question cards and 24 Answer cards. Each Question card helps you identify an area of your life you’d like to improve. Each has a corresponding Answer card to help you explore the behavior and find new ways to deal with it.

Everyone Struggles

Stress. Trouble focusing. Bad habits you can’t shake. Poor self-image. The deck will help you think about the underlying problems and develop creative new ways to address them.

Dislike confrontation?

Find alternate ways to approach confrontational circumstances.

Bored by work or school?

Create new challenges for yourself based around your passions.

Trouble focusing?

Develop new approaches to tasks that keep your attention and tune out interference.

How To Play

Pick a Question card at random and think about the problem it presents. Have you faced this problem in the past? Do you have this problem now? Do you know someone who does?

Read the Answer card to see how you can think your way around the problem. Try the suggested visualizations and see if they help you think differently. Create your own visualizations that empower you.

You can play a card any time during the day when you feel anxious or negative. Find little spaces in the day where you can take another turn. See how many cards you can play in a day.