Calming Ocean Waves – Nature Sounds CD for Relaxation, Meditation and Sleep – Nature’s Perfect White Noise


Relax, De-stress Or Fall Asleep To The Rhythmic Sound Of The Waves

Feel tense after a long, stressful day? Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep?

No need for medications with their unpleasant side effects. Instead, fall asleep to the nature’s soothing sounds with the Calming Ocean Waves CD.

Your passport to NATURAL sleep

The ONLY nature CDs created by a music therapist specializing in the use of sound to help reduce stress and insomnia.

This premium-quality CD drowns out external noise as it slowly, gently relaxes you. You’ll feel peace and calm wash over you as tension and stress drain away. You’ll drift into restful sleep. Plus, you’ll wake up refreshed next morning – without that groggy feeling you’d get with sleeping meds.

Your CD provides:

60 uninterrupted minutes of real ocean waves breaking gently on the sand
Professional recording quality for crisp, clean audio sound
Protective CD packaging, with a stunning photo of a sunset over a peaceful beach
6-month guarantee: If you don’t love this relaxing CD, return it within 6 months of delivery for a full refund of your purchase price

PLUS – A portion of profits are donated to Lucy’s Love Bus, a non-profit organization that provides FREE music therapy services to pediatric cancer patients in New England.

What WON’T You Get? Distractions!

Your Ocean Waves CD has no jarring background noises. No squawking seagulls. No distracting music. Nothing but calming waves washing onto the shore. It is a professional, high quality CD made in the USA and unlike the cheaper CD-Rs this CD will work in all CD players

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