Calming Aromatherapy For Dogs – Sniff Therapy, Uses Only All Natural Essential Oils – Topical Use Gives Instant Relaxing & Anxiety Relief For Your Pup – You Don’t Have To Get Your Dog To Eat It! Strong To Your Dogs Nose, But Not To Yours! Buy Now!


Our Natural CALMING Aromatherapy Formula is a dog calming product made using Only The best wildcrafted Essential oils.

It is specifically formulated to relieve your pet from suffering the effects of anxiety caused by external & internal stressors. Don’t Let behavioral issues become a problem for you or your dog.

Aggressive behavior & impulsive acts can lead to more anxiety and make it impossible for you or your pet to enjoy his day. These issues may lead to other compulsive disorders such as: •Chewing
•Destructive behavior
are all signs and symptoms that your dog is under stress.

As loving owners we want to alleviate these problems. We want our pets to be healthy, happy, & anxiety free.

This product can reduce the effects of stressors on your dog by using all-natural ingredients that work to soothe their anxiety, relieve physical discomfort, & calm their mental state. It will not affect your pet’s personality or energy level. It works similarly to the way Aromatherapy works in Humans only stronger – Why? Because of a dogs keen sense of smell!

What makes our product different?

Only natural ingredients are used in the formula, & is only needed to be quickly rubbed around your dogs neck area.

Our product is for topical use only. You don’t need to trick your dog into eating or ingesting it. It is Immediately absorbed, so it acts fast! The pump is pre-measured. That means your dog is getting the right amount required every time.