Booster A Massage Gun, Deep Fascia Relaxation Vibration Muscle Therapy LCD Liquid Crystal Touch Screen Handheld Massager Cordless Noise Canceling Massage Device for Athletes(White)


2019 Latest upgrade Booster A Massage Gun is the primary choice for many office workers, students, athletes, and fitness instructors.Booster A Massage Gun meets their criteria for choosing a massage gun

What is the specific standard?
ღ The price is cheaper and acceptable for low income people

ღ Light weight, weighs only 2.4 pounds, easy to carry anywhere

ღ LCD touch screen,touch adjustment files to accurately display files position and power

ღMulti-ventilation cooling system for improved power performance and extended motor life cycle

ღ 6 speed memory files, simple to operate, no more than 60dls per gear

ღ 4 massage head parts to meet the massage needs of different body parts

ღ Each full charge can last up to 2-6 hours of work time and does not heat up

ღ After use, you can clearly feel the muscle lactic acid is defeated, eliminating fatigue

ღ Beautiful appearance and packaging, suitable for birthday and festival gifts, also suitable as a gift for business negotiation

ღ Excellent after-sales team and after-sales guarantee, pay attention to the “Booster” FB homepage, one-year return guarantee period

Package Included
✈1x massage gun
✈4x massage head
✈1x power charger
✈1x user manual
✈1x After-sales service card
✈2x Case( massage gun case and massage head case)

✔ Keep away from heat, liquids and children when using a massage gun
✔ Please do not use this device instead of supplementary medical treatment. If you have pain in your body or are receiving medical treatment, please consult your doctor before using the device
✔ Do not use for more than 30 minutes in a row. After 30 minutes of use, please rest for 5 minutes and reuse
✔ Please do not disassemble the massage gun battery or repair it. Please contact our customer service team if it fails