Body Wellness


Featuring guided exercises aimed at health maintenance, anti-aging, as well as healing support; the listener s lymphatic system, cell health through proper oxygenation, and emotional wellbeing are all addressed in this CD.

This CD combines energy work and guided meditation, which has many benefits for the mind, body, and spirit, including reducing stress, enhancing your immune system, and achieving balance in our busy world. Be guided through a meditation that allows you the opportunity to just relax and enjoy the experience.

In 2007, Alice McCall was diagnosed with breast cancer. Through utilizing a variety of holistic tools, energy work, and diet changes she healed herself of cancer. This journey inspired her to write ‘Wellness Wisdom,’ as a reference book for others interested in seeking health through alternative means. ‘Body Wellness’ brings to life some of the energy work exercises explained in ‘Wellness Wisdom’.

The CD features guided energy support of key areas pertaining to health including; Energetic cleansing of the lymphatic system, breath work aimed at cellular oxygenation, and helping the listener receive transformation through the healing energy of love.

Looking for health maintenance, anti-aging, and healing support? Get all that and more from Alice McCall s ‘Body Wellness’ CD.

More on Alice…
Alice McCall is a gifted spiritual teacher and healing facilitator. In her practice, Healing Path, she works successfully with serious health issues and diseases. Her unique approach of working with the mental, emotional, and spiritual connection at the cellular level sets her apart from most other holistic practitioners.

In 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, successfully healing herself without medical intervention. That experience led her to author Wellness Wisdom, offering an alternative view on health and healing. Alice is dedicated to offering hope to others and sharing all that she has learned during her journey with breast cancer.

Along with ‘Wellness Wisdom,’ she is the creator of many CD’s that feature healing meditations, inspirational messages, and energy work for both body and spirit.

Alice s work is open-minded, practical, and easy to apply to everyday life. It synthesizes many diverse viewpoints, utilizing her extensive experience as a Cellular Level HealingĀ® consultant, spiritual counselor, hypnotist, and many years as a corporate executive.

She shares her knowledge and skills in a private counseling and spiritual healing practice where her specialty is serious health issues and disease.

Alice holds a BS Psychology and an MBA. She is certified in Hypnotist, Reiki 1 & 2, and Quantum Touch. She lives in the greater Asheville area of North Carolina.