Blackstar: Bowie Music Therapy (Relaxation Series)

A Proven, step-by-step system to listening to a great album and achieving the ultimate state of relaxation.

Are you a great Bowie fan? Do you agree that music can heal people? Have you ever witnessed the healing properties of music in action?

If you answer to these questions is yes, then look no further. Allow me to introduce you this series and explain why you should give it go and read this book by answering the two most important questions at this point.

1. What is this book all about?

This book is part of a brand new relaxation series called Bowie Music Therapy. It is based on the fact that music has some healing properties; it can lead you to the ultimate state of relaxation. The series is inspired by David Bowie’s music and it is an unofficial music series based on official albums from the musician’s discography.

2. How does the music therapy work?

The Bowie Music Therapy is here to create the ultimate relaxation state where you listen to the music album and track keywords from Bowie’s songs that are inside the book. You can find all the instructions about how to use this book effectively in the book as well as some tips on what to avoid. This information will allow you to run your own listening session and achieve the maximum Bowie Music Therapy experience. Take part in this unique experience and come and share your observations! This book supports the songs below:

  • “Blackstar” 9:57
  • “‘Tis a Pity She Was a Whore” 4:52
  • “Lazarus” 6:22
  • “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)” 4:40
  • “Girl Loves Me” 4:51
  • “Dollar Days” 4:44
  • “I Can’t Give Everything Away” 5:47
  • Give it a go!

    Why don’t you try this book and then come back to check some other albums from Bowie Music Therapy Series, too. Amazing, right? Join hundreds of happy customers who are now testing this series by trying out new listening sessions with their favouring Bowie albums.


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