Biofeedback Stone Pro: Software and Games, Relaxation, Meditation, Breathing Tehniques for Anxiety and Stress


Find out how to Manage Stress, Regain Energy and Concentration the Easy Way.

Who is it for

For professional psychologists, psychiatrists and trainers in helping their Clients, and for anyone wishing to better manage stress, thoughts and emotions by self-training at home.

The system is composed of a device (a computer add-on), games and software. It receives information on your condition through a sensor attached to your ear or finger. Stone can be used without any preparation. It is very easy to use:

1. attach the sensor and connect it to a computer,
2. launch a game,
3. control the game using only the power of your mind. (You are training your mind by playing).

Attention: attaching the sensor properly is now super easy. As soon as the sensor receives a signal, a light will flash on the device.

The System contains a whole Set of Training Games. Crystal Clear. A Game for Clearing the Mind. Teaches Instant Focus. You control water. See how different droplets appear as you change the focus level of your brain. The clearer the mind, the larger the drops and the bowl gets filled quicker.

Energy Booster. A Computer Game to Help Manage Restless Thoughts. Regain Concentration and Energy.
This game will teach you how to get rid of nagging thoughts and to concentrate on here and now.

Instant Relaxation. Psychological research shows how you can easily and totally relax in a matter of seconds, using a method learn by playing this simple game.

Extra Game Free! Mental Magic – Mind Control. This game teaches you to control your emotions. In order to complete the task, you must quiet down your thoughts and emotions.

Multi User. One System can be used by many people. Learn more at

Feel better and live longer!