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Free online guided mediitation Introduction video by Sadhguru:-…

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Sadhguru is a yoga master, meditation master, from India. Sadhguru's simple yet powerful meditation techniques, hatha yoga techniques, has given self healing power, immense benefits, health benefits to millions of men, women around the world. I am one in that million and I must say that the health benefits of yoga, health benefits of meditation taught by Sadhguru has not only helped me come out of chronic diseases such blood pressure, depression, anxiety but also has helped me to give self healing power to attain to peace of mind, ultimate relaxation and to ultimate blissfulness with in myself and hence I uploaded this youtube video.

In this youtube video, sadhguru explains how meditation helps, what are the health benefits of meditation, what are the kriya yoga benefits for both men and women and how in his younger age, when he was swimming in a deep water well without any stairs, a 85 year old man, after jumping in to the well climbed back to the surface faster than all the youngsters. After this incident he saw the yoga benefits, meditation benefits, and started to learn yoga meditation from this old yoga master.

If you wish to learn Guided kriya yoga meditation technique taught by Sadhguru and attain to full health benefits of yoga, health benefits of meditation and experience how this meditation will help in your life, please view the below youtube videos,

Free online guided mediitation Introduction video by Sadhguru:-…

To learn the Full kriya yoga meditation please visit the official website of Isha Kriya

If you wished to do a little more advanced meditation technique, you can do a online yoga class called "Inner engineering", please visit the website for more information.

If this guided meditation can be learnt correctly, benefits of this meditation, healing power of this yoga can be derived for stress relief, for concentration, for focus, for memory power, for weight loss, for relaxation, for pregnant women, to control mind, to control anger, to remove negativity, to remove fear, to sleep well and to increase fertility. Benefits of this meditation, benefits of this yoga has the potential and the possibility for back pain relief, for proper hair growth, for glowing skin, for proper eyes sight, for pregnant women and to reduce belly and chest fat, thighs, hips and to increase height, to cure asthma, acidity, arthritis, acne, to cure blood pressure, to increase brain power, concentration, to cure constipation, cervical spondylosis, diabetes, digestive problems, eyesight improvement, ear problem, epilepsy. Benefits of this yoga, benefits of this meditation, also has the possibility for children to give energy boost and fitness. Health benefits of this meditation also has the possibility to cure for heart problems, headache, hair loss, infertility for childless couple, irregular menstruation, insomnia, indigestion, jaw pain, liver problems, lung problems, low blood pressure, leg pain, menstrual problems, migraine headaches, neck should pain, nervous weakness, nose blockage, obesity, ovarian cyst, ovulation problems, sinus problems, skin diseases, spondylitis, upper back pain, urinary problems, ulcer, uric acid, urine infection, urinary tract infection, This meditation also can benefit anyone be it children, youth, old age people or older beginners or even complete beginners. This meditation can also help an individual to reduce weight, increase stamina and to quit smoking.