Bedtime Stories for Kids: A Book of Sleep Meditation Stories to Help Children Fall Asleep Fast, Thrive and Achieve Mindfulness and Relaxation. Let Toddlers Feel Calm With Fantastic Adventures Book 1


Does your child find it difficult to get a peaceful sleep at night?

Would you like your child to learn essential mindfulness skills that will allow them to thrive in life?  If the answer is Yes…so keep reading

Children’s bedtime stories will never be the same after they are infused with the power of mindful meditation. This short collection of medium-length bedtime stories can double as meditation scripts for young children. Simply turn on the tape or read out loud to them, and within seconds, they will feel their hyperactive mind coming to a crawl.

Mindful meditation is a new way to relax, breathe, and learn the power of self-awareness. Today, more people than ever are turning to meditation as a way to eliminate stress in an increasingly noisy world. Meditation is no longer some weird new-age practice used by fringe-thought leaders. It is now universally recognized as a way to attain inner peace.

Many good things have been said about mindful meditation by great minds. Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs, was famously a proponent of mindful meditation and a regular practitioner. And it’s no secret why. Practicing meditation allows you to focus for longer periods of time without giving in to things like distractions and feelings of anxiety.

You do not need anything to start meditating today. It could be as simple as clearing your mind. The problem here is that many have a hard time doing just that. But there is good news. Following a mindful meditation script allows one to move into a meditative state without having to do any of the leg work. All that you need to do is follow the script.

This is especially good for children who may not be mature enough to clear their minds on their own. Every kid loves a good bedtime story, and using the mindful meditation script in lieu of traditional stories, like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is a good introduction to mindful meditation for kids.

There is no preferred age range for these scripts. They will work well anywhere from ages 3 to 9. They are a great tool for building vocabulary in children early on. And if that wasn’t convincing enough, each meditation script includes some overall message or lesson that the child can apply in their own life.

This book includes:

  • Four meditation bedtime story script hybrids that focus on a different animal habitat
  • Fantastic stories about fun animals, including forest, desert, jungle, and ocean animals
  • A valuable lesson for each story

In addition:

  • Children learn about different animals while listening to the engaging story
  • This book encourages your child to put down the screens and focus on listening for a prolonged period of time
  • This is a good way to encourage your child to go to sleep by listening to the scripts
  • Each story allows your child’s imagination to flourish. Unlike traditional media, a meditation script relies on the imagination of your child to bring the story to life
  • And Much More…

Would you like your child to learn and relax, falling asleep in peace?

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