Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal, Facial Cleanser, 8.5 Ounce


Vitamin C Renewal. Even minimal exposure to UV light can cause free radical damage, oxidative stress and photo-aging. The Vitamin C Renewal Skincare collection now employs two powerful forms of Vitamin C to help neutralize free radicals while naturally supporting collagen and elastin production. Smoother, clearer and more vibrant, skin feels healthier. Avalon Organics. Inspired by the endless solutions that the Earth provides, we have been crafting exceptionally pure and effective health and beauty care products for women committed to living a natural and organic lifestyle since 1994. We go direct to the source to harvest every herb’s attribute and each essential oil’s benefit for the body, skin and hair, capturing each ingredient’s pure, organic essence. To demonstrate our commitment to organic ingredients, every product we make has a seal indicating that it is certified to either the NSF/ANSI 305 Standard for Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients or the USDA National Organic Program. In addition to certifying the organic content, these seals also verify that our products contain no GMOs, parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial fragrances or harmful sulfates. And of course our products are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and are never tested on animals at any level. We feel privileged to provide you with pure beauty solutions sourced straight from the Earth.