Aromatherapy – The Science of Healing and Relaxation: Learn How Essential Oils Elicit The Relaxation Response And Alter Mood

In my book Aromatherapy – The Science of Healing and Relaxation, we reveal the natural holistics methods you can use to heal the body from certain medical issues and to relive stress through relaxation. In particular we talk about:

• Aromatherapy – what it is and how it works

• Essential Oils – how the effects of certain aromas differs from others

• Recipes – how to make your own essential oil combinations


The results of The American Psychological Association’s 2010 Stress in America survey showed that nearly 75% of Americans who responded to the survey believe their stress levels to be so high that they feel unhealthy. Stress and anxiety reflect the reaction of the body and the mind when over stimulated.

Stress tends to reflect the physical responses of the body when coping with daily pressures, physical labor, a high-paced work environment, toxic relationships, and financial and emotional responsibilities, which exceed a person’s ability to cope or manage. However, your sense of smell can help relieve stress by smelling certain aromas.

Essential Oils

When selecting oils to combat anxiety and stress, choose oils with relaxing, calming, and uplifting properties. The oils should soothe while shifting the awareness in a way that grounds and replenishes the constitution of the person being treated. The scents that work best for anxiety and stress relief tend to have light and bright floral, citrus, or woodsy scents.

The essential oils recommended for relaxation and mood adjustment may be blended with those recommended for managing stress and anxiety. Many of them are complementary scents with complementary therapeutic qualities.


There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. When selecting a method of application, the issue being treated must be considered along with the desired results.

==> For example, creams, ointments, and gels work best for treating injuries like bruises and cuts.

==> A massage oil works well for treating muscle aches and pains.

==> If the primary purpose of the treatment is to shift a person’s mood in some way, incense or a diffuser may be the best option.

While you can buy certain combinations of oils, we include in our book several recipes and show you how you can make a unique essential oil tailored just to you.

“Aromatherapy – The Science of Healing and Relaxation” is a must-have book for those that are overstressed and starting to exhibit the effects of stress either through the development of physical or mental responses, or both. What you smell can make you feel better!