Aroma Dough® Therapy PlayDough – Focus Blend of Essential Oils – Gluten-Free & Non-Allergenic – Child & Adult Therapy Tools -Promotes Focus & Learning – Sensory Room Equipment – 8 OZ Gift Box


Focus Aromatherapy Play Dough

Aromatherapy playdough is now recognised as an important component of the occupational therapy tools kit. By kneading it between the hands you engage the senses of touch, smell & sight, while also encouraging a desired mood.

Focus play dough is infused with a blend of peppermint, tea tree & lemon essential oils to centre the mind while keeping hands engaged. Use at the beginning of the day for maximum benefit.

Aroma dough is an excellent tool for ADHD management in children & adults. Keep a tub handy for dealing with symptoms of restlessness, frustration & lack of focus.

Using a safe playdough in sensory therapy promotes strength building in the hand muscles & tendons, improves hand-eye coordination & builds nerve connections within the brain, triggering a natural inclination to engage in ever more complex learning tasks.

The aromatic & malleable properties of our eco play dough allows therapists to work with different kinds of special needs individuals under different circumstances. Soothe hyperactive minds or engage autistic-spectrum individuals with stimuli during structured developmental play sessions.

Our playdough is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, at home, in clinics, the classroom or as part of a suite of sensory therapy tools within a dedicated therapeutic space. Safe, non-toxic and allergen-free, for complete peace of mind.

Product Details:

  • Focus Blend Essential Oil Playdough
  • Essential Sensory Therapy Equipment
  • Natural and Allergen-Free
  • For All Ages

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