Anxiety Relief Essential Oil Blend 10ml – 100% Natural Pure Undiluted Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy, Scents & Diffuser – Depression, Stress Relief, Relaxation, Boost Mood, Uplifting, Calming


Anxiety Relief blend is for external use only and not to be ingested. It is a natural aromatherapy treatment without medication. Anxiety Relief blend is an excellent natural solution to reduce anxiety, and to uplift and relax. When inhaled, it invigorates and provides uplifting and stabilizing effects on emotion. 1) Gently rub few drops on back of your palms or paper tissue and inhale often. 2) Apply few drops behind ears, on wrists, temples, the back of the neck, on the bottom of the feet or necklace diffuser to reduce anxiety. 3) Unwind & Ground Aromatically – Diffuse a few drops of anxiety Relief to unwind and uplift after a stressful day. 4) Calming Cologne – Rub few drops into your wrists or use it in diffuser necklace pendent to induce more confident feelings throughout the day. It will smell great! 5) Car Freshener – Put few drops on cotton balls and place them in the slats of your car vents.Turn on the fan to diffuse the freshener throughout the car so everyone riding or driving can benefit. 6) Anxiety Relief Spritz – Mix up some anxiety Relief with distilled water. Put it in a glass spray bottle and spritz it on when you feel anxious or stressed out. 7) Homemade Anxiety Reducing Deodorant – Use Anxiety Relief when making your own deodorant. It’s all natural and smells amazing. you’ll have the calming effects of Anxiety Relief with you all day long. 8) Bath Salts – Create your own bath salts with Anxiety Relief. You’ll have a spa-like soak, and your mood will be lifted. 9) Mood Lifting Room Spray – Create an aromatic room spray that smells delicious and causes happiness! Just mix epsom salts, distilled water and Anxiety Relief and spray around your home for a mood enhancing, anxiety/stress-relieving, feel-good air freshener. 10) Anxiety Relief pet – Dilute in a carrier oil and apply one drop onto the front paws. Or place several drops onto a scrap of cotton fabric and keep it in their pet carrier or kennel.