Animal Kingdom Coloring Book: A Stress Reduction and Relaxation Therapy for Busy People (Ciparum’s Relaxation Coloring Book) (Volume 3)


*BONUS*: Mastery is achieved through repetition. Relieve stress and relax by nourishing the artist in you. Use the link inside the book to grab a FREE page pdf version of our Mandala Coloring book. Don’t let stress overpower you!

Animal Kingdom Coloring Book is a stress reduction, and relaxation therapy coloring book for busy people like you. The focus on choosing the right colors, coloring in line and setting your imagination free, serves as a trigger for your mind to decompress.

Psychologists have proven that coloring is a great way to relax the mind and open it up to find solutions to issues that are forefront in our lives. You focus on picking the right color, coloring within the lines and keeping your crayons or coloring pencil sharp and pointed; essentially putting your mind at peace. While your subconscious gets to work. Without any pressure from you, your subconscious is taking care of issues in your absence, solving problems without you focusing on them and presenting you with a solution you can work with.

Coloring involves both motor and fine sensory skills. It provides a good way to relieve stress, relax and meditate. No wonder kids and parents alike love coloring books. It keeps the kids focused and occupied, and out of your hair.

Animal kingdom coloring Book has art work designs printed on one side of the page so that your handiwork does not have any unwanted color interference. Now keep yourself out of your minds hair and let it relax, decompress, meditate and find new ways to move the enterprise, YOU, forward! Makes a great gift for any occasion! Click the Add to cart button and start relieving stress!