Animal: Discover 50 Unique Stress Relieving Animal Designs (Adult Coloring Books – Art Therapy for The Mind Book) (Volume 3)


Beautifully Drawn Animal Patterns For Adult Coloring
Lions, tigers and bears…Oh my! For all the animal lovers out there, we have the perfect book for you! Our animals themed adult coloring book has 50 new and unique pages of animals ranging from intricate deer to howling wolves! Express yourself through the calming art of coloring while also sharing your love for the animals of our world!
The Ultimate in Calm and Relaxation

What’s Inside
•50 Hand Drawn Art Pages
•Beautiful Designs with a Variety of Intricate Details
•Each Design is Printed on a Single Sided Paper
•Includes Free PDF Bonus Inside!
•Get a variety of FREE coloring art delivered to your email inbox weekly.
•Free Guided Meditation Newsletter – Contains simple proven strategies to reduce stress.
•Get exclusive discounts on new book releases
** Why You Need To Pick Up This Coloring Book…Right Now! **
Do you remember coming home from school with your coloring book, proud of what you have done? As soon as you finish the first page in your adult book, you will be taken right back to those days. You’ll want to interrupt your significant other so you can show off your latest work and when he/she turns around and says “that’s nice”, the sense of satisfaction you’ll get will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The Possibilities Are Endless When you buy your own coloring book, you’ll realize that the possibilities are endless. You will also realize that there is just something so appealing about coloring and that it is a great way for you to de-stress at the end of the day.
With coloring books being more affordable than ever, there has never been a better time for you to get your own copy today.
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AMAZON BEST SELLER ARTIST | 2016-2017 BEST GIFT IDEAS This huge adult coloring book by best-selling artist Broderick S Johnson will help you relieve stress and improve relaxation while enjoying beautiful and highly detailed images. Use Your Favorite Coloring Tools Including colored pencils, pens, and fine-tipped markers. One Image Per Page Each image is printed on one page to reduce bleed-through. Includes FREE Digital Version As a special bonus, you can download a PDF and print your favorite images to as many times as you want. Makes the Perfect Gift Surprise that special someone in your life and make them smile. Buy two copies and enjoy coloring together. Buy Now, Start Coloring, and Relax… Scroll to the top and click ‘Add To Cart’…

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