Anger Management: A Step-by-Step Guide to Take Control of Your Emotions in Every Situation and Grow Your Self-Help

Do you want to understand the source of your anger? Are you interested in learning the best relaxation and meditation techniques that will help you manage it? Do you want to learn how to control your anger in your relationships to avoid compromising them?

Anger is one emotion that sends chills down the spines of those around us, makes them coil back and keep off. And it is the one emotion that can ruin relationships faster than any other and land you in a lot of trouble for doing or saying something that you can never take back.

The reasons why we can get angry are limitless. 

But no matter what, there is no justification for letting anger take over your mind, mouth, hands, legs, teeth and any other part of your body to unleash untold suffering on anyone or anything.
Unfortunately, most of us do. In the moment of rage, we go into some state of maniac where we do and say things as if we are on autopilot. It seems as if something just got into us and is controlling our thoughts, actions and our words.

Some people 

  • Throw things around

  • Get abusive and just cannot seem to get a hold of ourselves

  • Lash out at everyone saying all kinds of obscenities

  • Go to an extent of even becoming violent

  • Have a difficult time calming down even after an outburst

Well, not everyone will do the above. Some people will just get angry, sweep the issue under the carpet and not deal with the anger. This is even worse because one day that volcano will erupt and it will get ugly. Anger can be a very destructive emotion if not dealt with, some relationships have ended and people have lost their jobs. Therefore, ignoring your anger and not dealing with it is not any better.

In this book you will learn

  • How your body reacts whenever you have anger bubbling within you

  • How to identify your anger triggers

  • How to express your anger without letting it get out of control

  • How to communicate even when angry and get your message across without using violence

  • How to deal with passive-aggressive people

  • The role of emotional intelligence in enabling you to take charge of your emotions

  • The importance of self-awareness when it comes to anger management

  • Great mindfulness techniques you can use to manage your anger and calm down

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques to ease anger

  • How to use cognitive behavioral therapy to manage anger

  • How to remain calm even in difficult situations

Are you tired of anger always taking control of your life and do you want to take charge of your life?

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