A Time for Relaxation, Vol. 1: Guided Relaxation Techniques for Wellness


We all could use a break from the hurry and stress of life. This guided relaxation recording, “A Time for Relaxation”, features four pleasant, effective relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body:

Awareness of Body Relaxation
Guided Imagery: Rainbow
Loving Kindness Meditation

Beth Freschi’s calming voice will guide you through the relaxation techniques, while the beautiful music of composer Nathan Schilz adds a soothing background. Guided relaxation techniques are especially useful for people who want to relax but have trouble relaxing on their own. The gentle guidance helps keep the listener focused on calming the mind and body, easing stress and tension.

“A Time for Relaxation” is meant for deep relaxation, so please do not drive while listening to it. Enjoy it at home so you can safely drift into a calm, peaceful state…

This recording is a great resource for people who would like to:

sleep better
manage stress and anxiety
ease muscle tension
quiet the chatter of the mind
enhance creativity
feel more balanced and focused
take a refreshing break

“A Time for Relaxation” is recommended by Body + Soul magazine, Woman’s World, Oxygen, and Minnesota Monthly voted Beth Freschi as Best Guided Relaxation in the 2011 Best of the Twin Cities issue:

“Beth Freschi has a dulcet-toned voice and an air that radiates pure Zen…Today, she’s a life coach and the queen of calm, teaching others how to relax…pick up one of her CDs—she makes it possible to fall asleep without a running to-do list circling your brain. Ahhhh…” ~ Minnesota Monthly Magazine Best of the Twin Cities issue, November 2011

You can listen to samples of all tracks for “A Time for Relaxation” on the Mp3 or CD page, as well as
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