5D Ascension 55 Herb Blend 20X Strength Whole Body Wellness Formula (120 Veg Capsules) – Mood Boost, Mental Clarity, Anxiety and Depression Relief, Immune Boost, Weight Loss, and Fasting Support


5D Botanicals Ascension Blend

55 of the Most Powerful Herbs on the Planet
20:1 Concentrate (20 grams of herbs is used to make 1 grams of Ascension Blend)
120 Vegetarian Capsules
60 servings

Petite: 1 – 2 capsules, Average: 2 – 4 capsules, 200lbs+: 4 – 8 capsules
Take with a hot beverage (coffee, tea or hot water), to help potentiate herbs.
Take again every 4 – 8 hrs as needed.
Adjust dosage and timing to achieve desired effects.
Optional: Drink along with (unsweetened) Grapefruit juice for maximum effects.
Start with 1 capsule the first day to check for negative reactions. If OK, then take 2 capsules for a few days. Increase dose by 1 capsule per day, up to 8 capsules, until results are achieved.
Stay on higher dose for a few weeks to break past the body’s natural resistance, then back off to a maintenance dose.
Most people require 2 – 4 capsules per dose.

Herbal Fasting Support: Take double your usual dose 2 – 3 times per day, as needed.

Advisory Notice: If you are taking medications or have a history of mental or emotional illness, please use caution when taking this product. Herbs and meds can interact and result in negative experiences. Start by taking a small dose (1 capsule) for a few days to check for negative effects. Take herbs and meds a few hours apart. Use caution and common sense to find the schedule and dosage that works for you!