4 Cup Performance Massage and Relaxation Set – Complete Body Cupping Therapy, Pain Relief, and Cellulite Treatment – Best Gift and Quality in Class – Professional Therapeutic Grade


What is Cupping? Cupping therapy is a form of alternative medicine (also referred to as Chinese Cupping) where glass jars or silicone cups are placed on skin to create vacuum suction to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, activate lymphatic drainage and is widely used to treat pain, digestive problems, release toxins, improve appearance of cellulite, tone and firm skin post pregnancy and weight loss.

Experience muscle tension relaxation, rejuvenation, increased energy, firmness and a more toned, healthier physique. Reduced stress, improved circulation and pain relief are just some of the many benefits you can see and feel.

Cupping Therapy and Cupping Massage Therapy are commonly used to relieve Chronic Pain, Lower Back Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain, Carpal Tunnel, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Knee Pain, Sciatica Pain, Foot and Ankle Pain, Shoulder Pain, Muscle Pain, Nerve Pain, Fibromyalgia Pain, TMJ Pain, Leg Pain, Pinched Nerve Pain, Wrist Pain, Rotator Cuff Pain, Golf Elbow Pain, Tennis Elbow Pain, Shin Splint Pain, Upper Back Pain, Pain from Inflammation, Plantar Fasciitis Pain, Heel Pain, Calves Pain, Thigh Pain, Mid Back Pain, Arm Pain, Jaw Pain, Tendonitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Tendonitis, Repetitive Strain Injury Pain, Repetitive Stress Pain, Heal Spur Pain, Pulled Muscle Pain, Trigger Finger Pain, Atrophy Pain, Muscle Spasms, Pain Management, Hamstring Pain, Sore Back, Backache Relief, Sore Muscles, Sore Feet, Sore Joints, Chronic Pain Control, Swollen Joint, Swollen Muscles, Swelling, Aching Joints, Sinus, Fibromyalgia, Cellulite Cupping, Alternative Medicine, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Inflammation, Toxin Release, Elasticity, Scar Reduction, Blood Circulation, Increase Metabolism, Sensual Massage, Couples Massage, Back Massager Tool, Post-Pregnancy or Weight Loss Toning, Firming Arms and Legs, Spider Veins, Neck and Shoulder Tension, Digestive Function, Congestion, Respiratory Relief and Fatigue.