28 Benefits by Vipassana Meditation by D.N.Shakya

Who has did Vipassana shivir 10days and he is keeping in Practice every day 1hr evening and 1hr morning he will get 28 benefits 1-he will independent 2- Long Life, 3- more power, 4-all nonsense activities finish, 5-None Fame finish, 6- your name and fame increase 7- None satisfactions finish, 8-fully satisfaction coming, 9 he will not get fear 10- Boldness coming, 11- Laziness finsh 12- encouragement will increase 13.14.15- Ragga, Dwesha and Moha finish 16-unnecessary over confident finish, 17- All droughts finish 18- your mind will concentrate 19- your mind will very beautiful 20- you will get more happiness 21- you will be serious 22- you will get more benefits 23-you will be morality 24- increase the love 25- enjoy of life 26- all Sanghara finish 27- you will get free from re-birth 28- you will get all benefits of Monks