18 Reusable Makeup Remover Pads – Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds, Zero Waste Makeup Remover Wipes, Cotton Pads for Face with Travel Bag & Mesh Laundry Bag, Products for a Greener Tomorrow


DiviniTi is dedicated to providing outstanding products to help combat environmental damage, we take pride in providing our customers the absolute best service/products!
With our Makeup Remover Pads, not only is there less waste compared to the traditional cotton pads, but enjoy only the highest quality double layered 100% organic bamboo velour material in each pad.
Our pads can last on well over 1000 uses to truly help conserve your money and the environment!

Every Set of DiviniTi Reusable Makeup Pads Include:
– 18 Bamboo Velour Makeup Remover Pads
– A premium burlap style travel bag for clean pads wherever life takes you
– A high quality polyester fibre laundry mesh bag to protect the pads during the wash and storage
– Signature DiviniTi stitching to help prevent slipping of the 2 layers of soft bamboo fiber

Our pads come with our signature DiviniTi logo stitching that has been carefully stitched so you will never lose grip of the pad. Try removing makeup, sunscreen or any products, there is absolutely no sliding of the two layers when in use!

At 3.5 inches in diameter, our pads are the biggest on the market while still being perfect for your face.

Easy and Simple to Use:
Simply wet the reusable bamboo cotton rounds with warm water to soak up the cloth, and use with your preferred toner or product of choice.
Gently wipe in a circular motion cleansing your face with each stroke.

Perfect for Multi Purpose Use: Traveling/on vacations, at the gym, for your baby’s eyes, face, and nose cleansing, wiping your pet’s eyes ,cleaning your ipad, glasses lens, and even as a whiteboard eraser!

DiviniTi uses only the best and softest organic bamboo velour. Expert tailors and seamstresses handcraft each makeup pad with one focus, the best customer experience. Don’t spend another penny on those wasteful cotton rounds, go green and join the DiviniTi family.