101 Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation is an Age old Spiritual Practice known to the entire Humanity.
All over the world, people are practicing various types of Meditation & the like methods in their daily Life.
People generally practice Meditation for a number benefits like freedom from Worries, Anxiety, Tension and the like innumerable Emotional problems.
We also practice meditation for experiencing Wellness, Wellbeing, Harmony, Happiness & Spiritual Enlightenment.
A majority of persons practice Meditation even without thinking about the benefits, but simply as a custom, belief or habit or cultural practice known to them.
If we look into the details of Meditation, we can find plenty of descriptions, books, audios, videos, & the like and also helpful information from the web & net.
Anyhow people are benefited.
That's why the number of people practicing Meditation is increasing day by day.
Instead of going into the What & Why let's go to the end result, that is the "Benefits of Meditation".
It is scientifically proved that Meditation can benefit us in a variety of ways like our Physical, Mental, Emotional, Psychological & Spiritual Wellbeing.
If we can understand these benefits of Meditation, it is certain that each & everybody will start meditating now itself for a Better Life
Here, the Author Dr. D. Purushothaman, a surgeon by profession is presenting "101 Essential Benefits of Meditation"
Yes ! Let's start meditating.

Let this bet the Beginning of a Beginning

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