100% Vegan Mango Seed Butter & Hemp Seed Oil Body Lotion by Wellness Prioritized: All-Natural & Organic Ingredients – Moisturizes, Heals, & Nourishes Dry Skin – Anti-inflammatory for skin 8 oz


This is not your average body lotion. At Wellness Prioritized we prioritize the integrity of how our products are manufactured as well as the ingredients that make up each product. If you have been searching for cruelty, toxin, & chemical free body lotion to put on your skin, your search is over!

Here are the ingredients and the benefits that they offer:

+ Lavender Essential Oil – Soothes occasional skin irritations; Reduces appearance of skin imperfections

+ Melaleuca Essential Oil – Cleanses & rejuvenates skin

+ Olive Squalane Oil – Prevents formation of “age spots;” Reduces appearance of wrinkles; Heals cracked skin; Helps regeneration & oxygenation of skin; Anti-bacterial; Protects from sun damage

+ Hemp Seed Oil – Natural moisturizer; Anti-inflammatory; Hydrates skin; Contains Vitamins D & E

+ Mango Butter – Contains anti-oxidants; Anti-inflammatory; Anti-aging properties; Protects from sun damage; Promotes collagen production; Fades scars; Contains high amounts Vitamin A & E; Contains folic acid, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

+ Jojoba Oil – Moisturizes; Anti-inflammatory; Anti-bacterial benefits; Lessen appearance of wrinkles; Contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It contains iodine power to heal.

Thank you for purchasing our product! We honor each and every customer, and know that you will find great value in our All Vegan, totally sustainable, toxin & chemical free, Body Lotion!!