100% Natural Organic Bamboobies Elastic Bowknot Cosmetic Makeup Hair Bandeau Band Headband Hairlace (50% Bamboo +50% Cotton) Ultra Soft for Ladies Women, Pack of 2


Color: Off-white.
Material: 100% nature material, 50% cotton + 50% bamboo.
Size: 8*18cm.
Weight: Around 15g each.
Package including: 2 * natural bamboo&cotton headband.

Bamboobies headband are made with super-soft Bamboo fiber and Cotton.
100% Machine washable, actually gets softer after each wash.
With it’s rapid growth, bamboo is sustainable and helps reduce environmental toxins by consuming carbon dioxide.

Introduction about bamboo fiber:
Bamboo fiber is extracted from natural bamboo a cellulose fiber, is the cotton, linen, wool, silk after the fifth largest natural fibers. It contains a kind of antibacterial material, bamboo fiber has the effect of effective against the stench, in addition to the peculiar smell, antioxidants can effectively remove free radicals in the body, still contain a variety of essential amino acids, bamboo fiber and its moisture absorption and permeability is one of the best in the fiber, thus known as “breathing fiber”.Bamboo fiber not only air permeability, instantaneous water imbibition, good wear resistance, but also has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, in addition to mites, deodorization, and uv radiation, and other functions.